Recently the team at Core Integrity critically assessed the report into different whistleblower procedures by Griffith University professors Brown and Lawrence.

The report focused on strengths, weaknesses and differences in general across corporate, government and not for profit organisations.

Among the key take outs for us were:

  • The lack of formal whistleblower policies and procedures in place
  • The lack of education and training available to those responsible for managing whistleblower programs
  • The lack of protection for whistleblowers
  • The negative impact on culture felt in organisations where people don’t feel safe to speak up

The results were broadly as expected with government industries having the most procedures in place, then corporate firms then not for profit organisations.

Professor Brown said, “The fact that even the most advanced public sectors are also still weak on support and protection processes, confirms the need for new thinking and improved, smarter standards across the board”.

A parliamentary inquiry has just been completed to examine best practice criteria for legislation and recommendations for reform across all industries. Talk to us today about the results of the parliamentary inquiry and how to adopt the recommendations in you organisation.

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