Does your corporate or sporting organisation have the capability to conduct best practice workplace misconduct investigations following due process and natural justice? Are you confident of investigating and tabling allegations to employees within applicable laws and regulatory requirements? Do you know the trigger point for when an independent investigation is necessary?

Recently English soccer striker Eniola Aluko spoke out about bullying. One of the fallout issues was the investigation of the complaint itself. Aluko alleged she was victimised as a result of speaking up, evidence was overlooked and key witnesses were not spoken to as part of the investigation process.

Aluko said, “If anybody, was going through something difficult in the team right now, would they speak out? That is the most damaging thing about this because if you think of a young player, for instance, who wants to play for England in the future – let’s say a young black player – she’s going to look at this and go: ‘If anything ever happens to me, what happened to Eni Aluko? I can’t say anything.’ That to me is the most heart-breaking thing.

“I do not think players are going to feel confident sharing grievances…  That’s dangerous, if players feel like they cannot speak out about certain things.”*

Core Integrity conduct independent, confidential workplace investigations to ensure the welfare and protection of all parties. All matters are investigated with best practice and within applicable law to ensure you get it right the first time.

Talk to us today about our workplace misconduct investigations and our Integrity Hotline which allows your people to speak up safely.

*Reference at http://m.bbc.com/sport/football/40995165

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